OxNet is an access initiative which places universities into the heart of local communities, to engage in activity which is intensive, academic and sustained.

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As engines of innovation and the advancement of human endeavour, universities are unparalleled in society. Higher education has the power to transform the lives of talented young people from every background.

Working with pupils, teachers, families and communities in Hub and Link Schools, OxNet seeks to take university learning directly into schools, bringing cutting-edge research into the classroom. It focuses intensively both on regional mobility and on subject, seeking to support and encourage young people to make successful applications to competitive universities from all regions of the UK and across a diverse range of subjects.


Oxnet News

21st November, 2018

We are pleased to share the below calendar as part of the London Centre for Languages and Cultures Academic Programme for the coming academic year. These events have been carefully organised as part of the LCLC mission to strengthen the teaching and learning of Modern Languages across the Tri-Borough. Please note that dates and venues are subject to change, and that extra, ad-hoc events may be added to the programme over the course of the year.

Hub Latest

2nd June, 2017

From Sunday 31st July – Friday 5th August 2016, Pembroke College, Oxford, welcomed twenty-two students from six schools and colleges across the North West to the 3rd annual Theology & Religious Studies Centre Summer School.

2nd June, 2017

In this article, some of the feedback from North West Science Network Participants and contributors has been gathered together to help give a greater sense of the impact of the project. 

2nd June, 2017

As of 2016/17, the NWSN programme will include twilight lectures at both South Cheshire College and Xaverian College. Our partner schools and colleges have the opportunity to host a twilight too. The application dates for the maths and summer schools have also been brought forward to avoid exam season.

19th April, 2017

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to our first twilight lecture on Wednesday 19th October 2016 at 2.30-4pm, here at Xaverian College (Lower Park Road, M14 5RB).

19th April, 2017


The Electrochemistry of Graphene Prof Robert Dryfe-Wednesday 7th December 2016 2.30-4pm RYG4