BI Session

Brain Inspired Computing Lecture- 19th October

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to our first twilight lecture on Wednesday 19th October 2016 at 2.30-4pm, here at Xaverian College (Lower Park Road, M14 5RB). Run in conjunction with Corpus Christi and Pembroke College, Oxford University, the North West Science Network offers Cheshire STEM students an exciting opportunity to meet and listen to research experts who work in a range of disciplines.

We are honoured to have Dr Stephen Lynch (School of Computing, Mathematics and Digital Technology , MMU) to share his thoughts on “Brain Inspired Computing”.
The talk will focus on mathematical models of neurons, binary oscillator threshold logic and two of five possible avenues of research. Binary oscillator technology can be applied to the design of Arithmetic Logic Units (ALU)s, memory and other basic computing components. It has the potential to provide revolutionary computational speed-up, energy saving and novel applications and may be applicable to a variety of technological paradigms including CMOS, neurons, memristors, superconducting materials and optical fibres.
The talk will be suitable for Y12 & Y13 A-Level students.

We kindly ask that that you advertise this around the school and on any communication channels that you use to inform your students.
If you are interested in bringing a group of your students to the event, please contact Nora Nemane ( ). Students may also book individually.