Testimony from NWSN Participants 2016

In this article, some of the feedback from North West Science Network Participants and contributors has been gathered together to help give a greater sense of the impact of the project. 

“I found the workshops intriguing, though some were not in the subjects that I study, there will always be linking aspects in all parts of science. These give you an opportunity to witness the applications of all the sciences and maths, into real life scenarios.” Summer school attendee

science pres

The Maths for Science students worked extremely diligently in their groups to create some wonderful, well considered, researched and delivered presentations. They all came up with very interesting topics, including Markov Chains, Fermi Problem, PET scanning and Algorithm.” University of Oxford academic

“I thoroughly enjoyed the summer school, it was very informative and I think that it is an amazing experience for anyone to have. After the summer school, I decided to rewrite my personal statement. I originally was interested in Physics but the week in Oxford showed me that my true desire was in Chemistry, which was a huge revelation and has left me feeling charged and motivated.” Summer school attendee


“This experience has confirmed my decision to go to university and my view on Oxford has changed quite a lot based on this experience. The university seems a lot more approachable now that I understand the college system and application process. I am considering selecting Oxford as one of my choices for university.” - Summer school attendee

“I got the chance to have a conversation with a current Medicine student, which provided an insight into the course. I found it very useful because I intend to apply for Medicine in October.” - Summer school attendee.

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‘’The Psychology twilight lecture on Cognition was very insightful. I thought it was interesting to see why people think certain things about themselves.” Psychology twilight lecture attendee

“I had the opportunity to talk to research scientists at the Daresbury laboratory and learn about the cutting edge technology that is used at this facility. I have an interest in quantum computing so I registered to attend the next open day at Daresbury when there will be a demonstration of the supercomputer.” - Daresbury lab visit attendee


“The workshops at the Easter School were extremely eye-opening as to how maths is incorporated within all aspects of Science. The speakers had in-depth knowledge of their fields, yet remained humorous throughout the workshops, which made the weekend a truly engaging experience!” -Easter Maths school attendee