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London Centre for Languages and Cultures (LCLC) & North West Languages Centre (NWLC) Summer School at Pembroke College 19th-21st June 2017

This week Pembroke College will host the London Centre for Languages and Cultures (LCLC) and North West Languages Centre (NWLC) Summer School. Twenty-five students and five teachers will attend academic sessions throughout their stay in Oxford. Participating students and teachers come from schools across West London and the North West of England. 

Students are set essays by postgraduate students in their chosen language, which they complete with access to Pembroke College’s extensive resources, and with the assistance of undergraduate mentors. The Summer School culminates in a traditional Oxford tutorial, in which the students are expected to discuss and defend their essay with their postgraduate tutor. This challenging but highly rewarding experience gives students an unrivalled opportunity to speak directly with an expert on their work and gives them a taste of a unique element of the Oxford academic experience. The Summer School also gives the sixth-formers the chance to meet and converse with current language students at Oxford, giving them an invaluable insight into life as an undergraduate.